Photographer / DJ

Anthony Page

As a photographer, Anthony strives for creativity and uniqueness. He has developed his own style of shooting, but he's always excited to bring your personal style and his together  create a masterpiece. Anthony creates a different masterpiece with each client he works with. Every couple’s wedding day is their own. Capturing every moment, every memory, what you love, who you love and who you are, are Anthony's key priorities. Your day marks a special milestone in your life, and he's here to ensure that through his images, you can relive each moment for years to come!

Anthony also has over 6 years of experience as a professional DJ, going by the name of DJ Antbody, and has a unique sense for quality music. He classifies himself as an Open Format DJ specializing in Classic Rock, Classic Hip Hop, Funk, House and Top 40 genres. DJ Antbody’s sets are bound to get you out of your comfort zone and on the dance floor!

As a Master of the mix, Antbody brings a fun and lively personality to any and every event. With his ongoing success and bright future ahead, DJ Antbody hopes to continue to grow his brand and someday become a household name in the music culture.

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