Rest Assured, We Got You!

Here at Liberty One Entertainment Group, it's important to us that we share our passion with our clients.

Often we get inquiries that look something like this:

"Hey, I seen you on Facebook. I was wondering what your prices are. Thanks!"

Or like this:

"Hi. I need a DJ. How much do you cost?"

Or even this:

"I need a DJ and my budget is $200. Can you do it?"

My response, although sometimes unwarranted, is often something like this:

"Hi. As we are a professional company, and take pride in our talents and expertise, we can not give you a "flat rate" quote off the cuff. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, we can discuss all of your needs, and our capabilities to meet those needs."

You see, if a client is shopping around for the cheapest price, we will flat out tell you that we are not a good match for you. That doesn't mean that we are over priced or too expensive by any means. Heck, we actually might be the most affordable option out there after all. But, if you are looking to hire a DJ, or photographer, or even a photo booth based solely on the cheapest price tag, that shows that you don't really care about what kind of quality you receive from your vendors when you hire them. And frankly, if you don't care, why should we?

We understand that planning an event can be expensive, but take this infographic below into consideration:

On average, couples spend 5% of their wedding budget on entertainment, but when asked what they remembered most about a wedding, 38% of guests remember the ENTERTAINMENT FIRST. Now thats not to say that your wedding rings, dresses & tuxedos, and venue aren't important. Those things are all very important. But consider this fact as well:

During wedding planning, brides say their highest priority is their attire, followed by the reception site, and caterer. ENTERTAINMENT IS AMONG THE LEAST OF THEIR PRIORITIES! Yet, within one week after their reception, 78% OF BRIDES SAY THEY REGRET NOT MAKING THE ENTERTAINMENT THEIR HIGHEST PRIORITY!

Your entertainment will make or break your event. Don't just shop around for the cheapest price. Ask around for referrals and testimonials. Hire a DJ that has contracts, insurance, a back up plan in case he becomes deathly ill the day before the event. Ask questions, and don't apologize for asking! Your vendors should be prepared to answer any questions you have, and answer them honestly, whether it's to their benefit or not. Hire a DJ that's passionate about making your event as important to them as it is to you. Hire Liberty One, and trust that you're event will be in good hands. Rest Assured, We Got You!


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