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Dj Quigs

Born and raised in the city of South Philadelphia, Christopher Quigley aka DJ Quigs is an open format DJ and spins all genres of music. Ever since he was younger the Club Life and City Nightlife is something that he had always loved. One of DJ Quigs biggest inspirations is world renowned DJ and Music producer, Tiesto. Over the past years DJ Quigs has the reputation of being a very reliable DJ who gets the crowd moving.

DJ Quigs is mostly known for DJing at all different types of occasions, such as; Nightclubs, Bars, Birthday's, Sweet 16's, Baptism/Communion and Confirmation Parties, Grade School/High School Dances, Proms, Fashion Shows, Festivals, Weddings and many more. The passion DJ Quigs has for music is indescribable.

Each and every event is different and unique in its own way. His goal is to make all of his clients have an amazing experience and create unforgettable memories! DJ Quigs always makes sure that each and every client receives 100% of his attention to make sure every detail is met.

The energy of making people happy while he's playing music puts him in another world. A main goal that DJ Quigs has is to inspire people now and for many years through music.

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