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Louie Castelli is a Philadelphia based DJ who has been moving crowds at  parties, bars and clubs since his early teenage years. Louie's high-energy performances, and his special ability to transition in and out of genres smoothly, is what places him high above his competition. Louie doesn’t confine himself to one format, he’s extremely agile. He focuses on what feels natural and adapting to crowds - delivering soundtracks to great nights, lively parties and unforgettable experiences. Louie's dedication and passion for music pushes him to extend his boundaries in pursuit of musical greatness while crafting fresh mixes and moving productions. His work has been featured everywhere from America's Got Talent, to the Mummer's Parade and also on the court at the Wells Fargo Center for the Philadelphia 76ers professional dance team. The dance floors remain packed when Louie Castelli is in the spotlight. Now, his growing legacy is being shaped by his ascent as a DJ and producer, beyond the city limits and across the country. 

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